Spring Seasonal Allergy Treatment in the Greenville SC Metro Area

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Spring Seasonal Allergy Treatment in the Greenville SC Metro Area

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Can AFC Urgent Care near Greenville, SC help me with seasonal spring allergies?

While some people look forward to spring, those suffering from spring seasonal allergies often dread it. Every year, and for some people more than once a year, people with seasonal spring allergies spend weeks constantly feeling tired or congested. It seems like there may be no way to avoid it. However, the skilled board-certified doctors and staff at AFC Urgent Care in the Greenville SC metro area are ready to help you get through the allergy season.

 Can I be cured of my seasonal allergies?

Unlike the flu or strep throat, there is no medication we can give you to cure you of your seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies are the result of your immune system overreacting to an allergen that doesn’t affect others in the Greenville, SC area. However, there are some steps you can take to help you limit your exposure to allergens, which will decrease the common symptoms related to seasonal allergies.

What can I do to make my spring seasonal allergies affect me less?

Leave your bed unmade!

Why do you ask? Dust mites are a common allergen, and they love hiding out in a bed that’s made. A made bed traps dust mites between your sheets while an unmade bed lets them wander off, affecting you less. Air out your sheets every day during the spring to help ward off these tiny pests.

Drink less alcohol.

Is that nightcap causing your nose to be a bit stuffier? It could be. A recent study found a link between the number of drinks you have during a week and the chances of having a seasonal allergy. More research needs to be done to understand this link, but if you suffer from allergies, maybe have an after-meal coffee for the time being.

Avoid certain fruit and vegetables.

Some fruits and vegetables have protein also found in weeds that cause seasonal allergies. Recent research has found that tomatoes, melons, and bananas often carry this allergy-triggering protein.

Frequently wash your contact lenses.

Your contact lens can trap pollen and other allergens against your eyes, irritating it. Wash your lenses regularly and consider putting them next to an air purifier at night.

Avoid the dishwasher, and hand wash dishes instead.

Children who eat from plates that are “too clean” don’t give their immune systems practice dealing with allergens. As a result, they do not have immunity against common allergens and may develop more allergies when they get older.

Is it just me, or are my allergies worse at night?

You aren’t losing your mind, it’s true, and there is a scientific reason behind this feeling: As day becomes night, the cortisol levels in your body decreases. This, in turn, makes your allergy symptoms worse.

I live in the Greenville SC area near AFC Urgent Care Powdersville, can I come in for treatment for my spring seasonal allergy?

You should certainly come to our urgent care center if you feel your allergy is much worse than usual this year. We will want to examine and test you for signs of the flu, a sinus infection, or strep throat. These conditions can be mistaken for “bad allergies” and left untreated. People assume their allergies will run their ordinary course, but these illnesses often need medical intervention, or you’ll spend weeks being sick and could infect others. If confirmed, we will give you a prescription to help you feel better.

If you are not sick with something else and are having bad allergies this year, we treat you for your symptoms. By easing the symptoms, you’ll be able to get through the allergy season without feeling so worn down. Medication, combined with our recommendations, should help your body feel better and react less to spring seasonal allergies.

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